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Since five generations, the family Pierre takes a care of 4.50 hectares of Champagne vineyards in the Valley of Marne. The young owner and last son, Laurent, wants to continue the family tradition and inaugurate his own trademark in 2007 : Champagne PIERRE Laurent. The vineyard with varieties like Pinot noir, Pinot meunier and Chardonnay represents a typical soil for the region, South of Aisne in the valley oh the Marne west (Saulchery, Charly-sur-Marne, Azy-sur-Marne, Crouttes-sur-Marne, Domptin).If you come in champagne, don’t hesitate to visit our house. Contact us for booking by mail or by phone.


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The hillsides of the Champagne region were formed as the centre of the Paris Basin gradually sank under the weight of accumulated sediments.
The time is the creator. Integrated viticulture was so an obvious choice for the house to preserve this legacy. Within the group of "Young Winemakers Champagne" in SGV, Laurent PIERRE followed the fastidious training based on recent technical progress in biological treatment and bio indicator plants using the methods and the Gerard Ducerf eric Petiot methods...
Needless to say, this is a time consuming job, patience and knowledge but the results are a better quality of grapes. The spirit of the House feels this attention which shares its notions of well-being, usability and quality for your enjoyment.

Soil maintenance

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What's more harmonious than seeing the horse replace the machine?
A tractor is heavy and its weight compacts the soil over the years. They become waterproof and they are not favorable to the micro-organisms development or insects development (by example the worms burrowing). The vines growing on too compact soil are often victims of diseases that must be treated with pesticides.
The horses working the vineyard every month, improve the water circulation and mineral nutrition. The vineyard healthy ageing ... Vines roots are deeper, they ensure the most sincere expression of our "slopes of Champagne." Please feel free to contact us and see our workhorse’s tillage.


In respect of tradition, each of our gestures, our every action are carefully repeated from father to son in order to free flower. The tying-up, desuckering, lifting and tying, are important steps in the future maturation of grapes, in order to ensure the most sincere expression of our hills.


The weather conditions will determine the quality of the harvest, good maturation of the grapes, their sugar content. To ensure a consistent and fair sunshine, the winegrower wears away his vines. This avoids a prevalence of vegetation on fruiting. This is the best time to come visit our vineyards!


We appreciate this event, it is the result of our expertise and our work in sustainable viticulture.
The manual picking remains the tradition in Champagne for many centuries for a qualitative harvest.

Grape varieties

Chardonnay:Floral notes, citrus, mineral sometimes very delicate.
Pinot meunier:Suppleness and fruity, offering roundness to the blend.
Pinot noir:Red fruit flavors and a good structure. It adds strenght and body to the blend.


Autumn announces the end of the growing season following the harvest.
the vine can finally rest. Maintenance of the vine begins and will last throughout the the winter.
The prunning begins ...


The pruning thus continues in winter. This is a necessary task.
Precise, expert pruning is essential for the quality of the harvest.
Morning frost and snow offer a magical landscape. This is one more opportunity to visit our vineyards.

Brut Tradition

"An exceptional charm"

- 40% chardonnay - 40% pinot noir - 20% pinot meunier -

Bright and clear, a crystalline appearance, very fine bubbles, fast and tonics.

Strong and fruity with floral notes and mineral. Round and mellow at the end...

Perfect wine with aperitif, it is also a good match with fish like red mullet with red onions and mint.

Cuvée Fruitée

"A sensual dress pink raspberry"

- 50% pinot noir - 40% chardonnay - 10% pinot meunier -

It spent 4 years long maturity . The robe is a wonderful and enchanting pink colour.

Notes of red fruits and wild strawberries, with aromatic notes of rose, honey and cinnamon.

Perfect for every occasion, it will be appreciated during aperitif time or with desserts like raspberry-flavoured macaroon.

Cuvée Finesse Blanc de Blancs

"Generosity and softness "

- 100% from chardonnay grapes -

It spent three years in cellar. An appearance yellow golden color and an attractive refined bubbles.

Aromas of citrus and particulary grapefruit. White flowers notes, hawthorn and black locust.

Ideal as an aperitif, a lobster pear or an assortiment of sushi and sashimi.

Vintage Grande Réserve

"The expression of an exceptional year "

- 55% pinot noir - 45% chardonnay -

It spent 8 years in cellar. Her dress features discrete golden highlights.

Its perfume of toast, citrus flavors during the tasting, offering a rare freshness.

it will be appreciated with a roast suckling calf, juice, hazelnut oil and mushrooms and especially with the "foie gras".

Cocktail Givré

"On the rock."

- 50% pinot meunier - 30% pinot noir - 20% chardonnay -

A clear and captivating light dress

Aromas of dates and figs, floral and mineral notes during the tasting.

It will accompany your caramelized vanilla creams or delicious pralines. But also as an aperitif with ice, "on the rocks".

Our Liquors

Ratafia :

Aroma of candied fruit, ideal as an aperitif, to accompany the melon or chocolate desserts.

Fine de Champagne :

Floral and vinous aromas, ideal for a cocktail or brandy.

Marc de Champagne:

Fresh aromas, spicy spirity. Ideal liqueur, it is also the perfect ingredient for sauces.

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